One of our mission as a foundation is to create public awareness of the challenges faced by special needs individuals, their families and caregivers. In this segment we engage other companies to partner, join and participate in events that we hold annually such as charity walks, soccer tournaments as well as do radio and TV interviews that include public speaking at events.
Below are the events that we have held:-

Raising a person with Cerebral Palsy(CP) can be an enormous task, both financially and emotionally. Based on the aforementioned background, we plan for events such as sports, walks and other related activities. We had a Charity Walk on 12th November 2022 from KICC to Stima Club grounds in


Rachael K Foundation in our sixth segment of our mission is to educate and brings awareness to the public through sports and charity walk. Our first annual soccer event was held in July 20th 2022 and November 20th 2022 respectfully in Nairobi, Kenya. We were able to invite different soccer teams in the community to participate and also various …

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