Rachael was born normal and healthy baby on October 25, 2000. As a child Rachael was very cheerful and playful just like other kids her age. 

At the age of two years Rachael fell ill with symptoms what her parents believed to be Malaria. She was admitted to Maria Stop Clinic in Umoja Village, Nairobi County of Kenya, Africa where she was treated and released. However, Rachael’s condition worsened even after treatment at various local hospital clinics in Nairobi, Kenya. She was later referred to Kenyatta National Hospital the largest and oldest hospital in Kenya. It is a public, tertiary, referral hospital for the Ministry of Health as well as the teaching hospital of the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences. It is at Kenyatta National Hospital where Rachael, in the course of her treatment, got infected with Cerebral Meningitis bacteria. T


The journey to many of Rachael’s and her family’s challenges began with Rachael’s Cerebral Meningitis diagnosis in mid-2002. Soon after the diagnosis Rachael went into a coma that left her family perturbed. Rachael remained in a coma for about three months during which time arrangements were made to transfer her to  the Children’s Hospital in Dallas Texas. 

Rachael has undergone numerous treatments and surgeries at different hospitals both in Kenya and the United States of America. Rachael’s entire family’s relocation to the USA is part of her recovery story. We have had many days and nights of affliction and agony, but we stand strong to thank God for seeing us through. 

We cannot measure the assistance of family, friends and many well-wishers, that stood with us through the years. Going through the many challenges along the way, we feel privileged in many ways for the many hands that supported us during our most difficult times. With God’s mercy and grace Rachael was able to survive even after being ruled out by some medical professionals who predicted and tried to help the family come to terms that she would not grow to be more than six years old.  

With lots of prayers, struggles and hope Rachael is growing strong and is now an adult of good health even though still challenged.

In honor of Rachael’s survival journey and our experiences, we the parents of Rachael Kwamboka have dedicated ourselves to be ambassadors for people with disabilities and aim to create awareness in the community. We strive to provide hope, support, and resources to children and adults with special needs as well their families.